Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top Combine Performers Girls Class of 2014

The deepest Class at the Showcase for the girls was the Class of 2014. It was loaded with above average shooters.
Top Left: Meghan Glaser
Top Right: Tiffany Fowler
Middle Left: Mileena Vega
Middle Right: Saundra Guillory
Bottom left: Madison Wright
2014 G 5'3" Meghan Glaser showed good athleticism as evidenced by her 18.9" vertical. We were impressed by her all around game both offensively and defensively.
2014 W 5'2" Tiffany Fowler showed a very good understanding of the game during scrimmages. Her shooting was above average as well as she graded out at the top of 2014 in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill with 6 makes.
2014 PG 5'1" Mileena Vega made excellent decisions with the ball and understood how to get team mates the rock where they could do the most damage. She finished a hair behind the leader in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill with 5 makes.
2014 P 5'11" Saundra Guillory is an intriguing prospect. Not only was she relentless on the boards, but she did a great job of posting up, getting in position to receive the ball and turning strong to the basket. She had a knack for setting picks, being unselfish and freeing her team mates up for their shots. This is something many high school kids do not understand how to do.
2014 W 5'6" Madison Wright had the top time in the 20 yard dash in the Class of 2014 with a 3.23 clocking. Her score in the shooting drill was so so, but her performance in the scrimmages showed she is a superior shooter.She defends hard, and once she improves her ballhandling could be a big timer at the off guard position. Her Pops, Keith played his football for Joe Paterno at Penn State back in the day.