Monday, February 15, 2010

From the RGV to Tennessee

Player Profile: Tyler Webber

When I got a call two years ago that a 6th grader wanted to tryout for the 7th/8th grade Ambassador team I said sure. With a little hesitation I agreed, interested to see this new kid. Two years later, I'm so thankful and grateful for that phone call. Eventhough I was only able to coach this phenomenal kid for two seasons, I will never forget Tyler Webber. From the first minute he stepped onto the court until the last tournament he played in, Tyler never stopped working. He never stopped giving, learning, or teaching. The team quickly fell in love with Tyler and his entire family (Joe, Kim, and younger sister Lauren, who I hear is quite the soccer player). Tyler started as back up point guard, and sometimes shooting guard, but quickly came into many games as starting point guard/shooting guard. Besides having great leadership on the court, Tyler had great court vision and could successfully set up other players for some easy shots. Not to mention, when he got hot, beware of his fierceness from downtown. His 3 pt. shots can be deadly. I cannot fail to mention his high free throw percentage. A very fond memory of Tyler was of our ritualistic free throw drill in practice. Each player attempts to shoot two free throws. If he misses, the entire team must run a fullcourt sprint. Tyler was always last because the team knew he WOULDN'T MISS! This tells you alot, his teammates trusted him.

Tyler working on ball handling at a local one day clinic.

When his parents told me they were going to have to relocate to Tennessee I was crushed, but at the same time excited. I would definitely miss this great young man, but I also knew he would have some great opportunities to play ball with other great teams. Sure enough, this has been the case. Tyler was a great standout for his middle school football. Tyler not only excelled as a receiver (making several touchdown receptions), but also as kicker for punt return and the extra point. To see additional video footage, go to

Now as a guard for the Schilling Farms Middle School Stallions (Collierville, TN) Varsity Basketball Team, Webber, again is impressing many people. Because of his "team" attitude, Tyler has begun to fit nicely at his new school and with his new teammates. At Schilling Farms, there is only one varsity team that includes 8th graders. If you want to make the team and gain a starting position, its apparent you have to have a great work ethic. Tyler not only has this, but the skill to back it up. He became a starter from the fifth game on and has recorded a game high at 16 pts, with countless assists and rebounds. The Stallions finished with an overall 22-4 record. Recently, Schilling Farms captured their first district championship ever. Tyler chipped in 6 points, due to limited playing time. This was on account of early foul trouble. The next adventure for the team would be the win over Mt. Pisgah Eagles to claim the County Tournament. Again Tyler was a part of the win with 7 points. Here is an exercept from the article:

"However, the fourth quarter belonged to the SFMS Stallions. After a nice catch and finish by Gavin McCrary , Pisgah’s dynamite guard-forward CJ Anderson scored on a sweet up and under drive to make the score 31-29. After Pisgah’s KJ Bates made one of two free throws, Schilling’s Tyler Webber made what was undoubtedly, the biggest shot of the night, a deep three pointer from the wing. You could feel the momentum shift to the Stallion’s side as their awesome fanbase started rocking the building. After that basket, Schilling’s defense tightened up even more not allowing Pisgah to slash, which is what they have relied on all season. Davis then proceeded to score 5 of Schilling’s next 9 to go along with a game sealer basket and 1 by Webber as the final score ended up 44-32 in favor of the Stallions. In the end, Coach William Buford’s Schilling Farms Stallion’s size and zone was too much for the very game Eagles of Mt. Pisgah. SFMS got to the line 22 times, converting on 16 of them. Pisgah hung close by hitting an amazing 8 threes. Schilling Farms was led by Josh Davis’ 14 pts, Gavin McCrary’s 10 and 7 apiece by Douwante Thomas and Tyler Webber. Mt. Pisgah was led by Noah Hahn’s 11 (three 3-pointers) and CJ Anderson’s 10. I hope they play again in sub-state , because these are two quality teams that are fun to watch."

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Because of the County win, SFMS would play for State. Here's an excerpt from the first round of the State Tournament:

"In the nightcap, and the most anticipated matchup of this year, 6′5″ man-child Leron Black and his Cordova Wolves faced off against Schilling Farms and their three headed monster comprised of 6′3″ Douwante Thomas, 6′4″ Gavin McCreary and 6′5″ Jake Greer. This would be the first time Leron would see a team comprised of such big bodies. But, from the opening tip, it was obvious, Black was not going to back down or be intimidated. He looked like a kid playing with a purpose, coming out on Dova’s second possession and knocking down a long three to put his Wolve team up 6-0, QUICK. Coach Buford quickly called a timeout to settle his team down and make some defensive adjustments to check the perimeter shooters. On their first possession out of the timeout, the Stallion’s shooting guard Tyler Webber connected on his own long range bomb to pull his team back to within 3. Tyler ended with 11 points tonite. "

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Unfortunately this is where it ends for the Schilling Farms Stallions. Cordova was too much and went on to win State tournament. I know that this is not the end for many of the players here at SFMS. For Tyler Webber, it is just the beginning! As an 8th grader, he has already begun to turn heads. And as for his 1,000 mile plus trip, across three states, the transition looks smooth. Tyler working the ball at the All-American Prodigy Camp in Austin, TX.

Best of Luck in everything Tyler! Coach Beatrice Cruz, Coach Max & the Texas D-1 Ambassadors-RGV.